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Good leadership doesn’t involve rage


All leaders need passion, that’s a given. But there’s a not-so-fine line between being a passionate leader and a big jerk. Sometimes we take a flying leap over that line without even realizing it. Often, we do so because of our emotions—fear, mistrust, etc. Small Biz Trends offers a few hard questions to ask if you find yourself losing your cool. It also offers some hard knowledge, for example:

If you are insecure or fearful, keep it to yourself. It’s not your employees’ problem, and taking it out on them is only going to make things worse. You’re setting yourself up for failure. And you run the real risk that the good employees will leave. They know they don’t have to be treated that way. You’ll be left with no one, or the less- than-stellar performers. Not much of a strategy for success, is it?

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