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Night and day in NYC [video]


What could be a more appropriate representation of the city that never sleeps than this ingenious time lapse by Philip Stockton of the Barbarian Group, which melds footage of the same scenes taken in both light and darkness?

As Emma Hutchings at PSFK explained:

Stockton spent around 2-3 months producing the video after work and at weekends. He would stay for 4-8 hours filming day and night scenes around New York City. Then he combined them back into single sequences using rotoscoping techniques to create a mix of night and day in the same shot, exploring the relationships between the different times.

Check it out:

Full story at Vimeo via PSFK.

Round the clock in NYC.

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    Thanks so much. I’m pretty jealous of the world tour, but I guess that’s what’s the Internet is for. Have a wonderful time, and thanks again!