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No nonsense pantyhose make legs look a little greener


Despite complaints that range from cutting off circulation to lasting all of five minutes once you step out of the house, chances are, if you’ve ever worn hosiery, there’s a pile sitting somewhere that you’re hoping your fairy godmother sorts through to take out the ones with runs before that next big occasion.

All right, so you don’t believe in fairy godmothers, so maybe it’s time to become one and send that used hose to a better place: the recycling plant.

No nonsense is collecting all hosiery brands to recycle into things like playground equipment, carpet, park benches, etc., an idea inspired by Nike’s efforts to put a greener spring in the step of their athletic shoes. To participate, visit their site to download a mailing label and follow the directions to give a little much needed support to Mother Nature.

Full story at No nonsense via Trendhunter.

All about recycling.

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