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Nobel Prizes by country [infographic]


Jon Bruner at Forbes highlights the United States’ dominance in scientific fields, but also offers some wise words when it comes to maintaining this lofty position:

The United States owes much to its commanding lead in scientific research, including technological advancement, prosperity and security. Whether it will be able to retain that lead is an important question whose answer depends on whether the country is willing to maintain its warm embrace of science: generous government support in the form of research grants and measures to make higher education accessible; reasonably open borders that make it possible to bring in the world’s best minds; and rich universities and foundations that support long-term theoretical research.

Food for thought.

Full story at Forbes.com.

The future of science.

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  • Ingmar Drewing

    Would have been nice if the birth place (and the alma mater) of the laureats would habe been included.