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Nothing quite as cute as a bunch of baby warthogs


Get that “Awwww” reflex ready, folks, and meet ZOO Miami’s quartet of baby warthogs.

These lovely little ladies will be making their society debut Memorial Day weekend, but they have no need of fancy finery with mugs like this, warts and all.

As ZooBorns explained:

Warthogs are a type of African wild pig that is distinguished by large upward curving tusks and what appear to be large “warts” growing out of the sides of their heads. These warts are actually cartilaginous tissue that is more pronounced in the males. They are common throughout much of sub-Saharan Africa, can grow to be close to 250 pounds and live up to 15 years.


Eat your heart out, Pumbaa.

Full story at ZooBorns.

Baby animals.

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