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NYC Garbage: It’s all in the packaging


When NYC-based artist Justin Gignac bet that he could sell anything if it was packaged right, it’s doubtful he thought he’d be proving the old adage “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” in quite such a successful fashion.

Self-described as ‘super squeamish’, Gignac hand-picks “100% authentic” garbage from “the fertile streets of NYC” and packages them in Lucite cubes. These highly collectible pieces are signed, numbered and dated and have ended up in collector’s hands all over the world. He keeps track of where they go and their corresponding details with a Google map. Since he began, over 1300 cubes stuffed with trash have been sold to fans in over 30 countries.

No worries about running short of raw materials, that’s for sure.

Full story at NYC Garbage via Laughing Squid.

A better souvenir than bedbugs.

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