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One-of-a-kind ejector seat office chair


Seeing as it’s Hump Day, there are plenty of folks out there who wouldn’t mind being sprung from their cubicle to do whatever isn’t the work piling up in the inbox. Fortunately, for one lucky buyer, the office chair ejector seat could soon be a reality.

This genuine ejector seat from the Royal Navy has been repurposed as an office chair that will either give you an illusion to freedom or allow you to buckle yourself in against the temptation to visit the coffee machine just one more time.

Our Martin Baker Mk6 ejector seat for sale, originally used in a Royal Navy Buccaneer, has been fitted with a stainless steel frame, transforming it into the unique seat it is today! Complete with original ‘chutes, harness and eject handles, the seat is guaranteed to turn heads in the office or look great at home!

Blast over to When It’s Gone It’s Gone linked below to get all the details on making this creation your very own.

Full story at When It’s Gone It’s Gone via Boing Boing.

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