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Only 27% of tweets contain value, says new study

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How many of us have tried to explain to friends that Twitter isn’t just people talking about their cats?

We may owe some serious apologies. An analysis by SemanticHacker shows that 57% of tweets (from a sample size of 1,000) were about what the person was doing or part of a conversation between individuals. Of the remaining 43%, only 27% of tweets offered more substantive information such as links to articles/blog or comments about current events.

This sounds dismal, but perhaps we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves. In normal conversations, do you think one in four sentences add particular value? Or what about one in four emails? I’ll have to sit and think about this—right after I tweet it.

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  • Lars Tong Strömberg

    Obviously depends on how you define "value"… That is subjective.