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Oprah visits the most racist county in America [video]

How racist is this county? No black person has lived there for seventy-five years prior to this video. Taken from the Oprah archives, it’s a sad moment in American history.

Full story at OWN.

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  • David

    i am moving there asap!

  • The woman need BBC

  • Nnnn

    So its racist because no black person has chosen to move there?

  • Jim

    So no crime?

  • You should, David- goodness knows there’s a dearth of racists in America right now lol

  • Its gotta be in Racist +ss Florida

  • Tony B

    The devil works very well through racism.

  • bigmac

    Incest is a crime.

  • Mike

    Yee Haw, David, and take your sisterwife with you!

  • LMBAO! ASAP, David? Well you’d better double time, honey. 1987 is slipping away fast. LOL! Morons are so cute.

  • shaquan

    only perfect place in the whole USA

  • I never saw a black person until I was five years old. Never saw another one until I was fourteen.

  • rbeck

    The fat pig needs to emigrate to africa where her ancestors came from.

  • Geo

    Whites want to live with Whites. Blacks want to live with Blacks. Latinos want to live with Latinos. Asians want to live with Asians. With just a sprinkle of other races. But the sad truth is that we are all Racists whether we are TOLERANT or NOT is what makes us good or bad Racists.

  • When I saw the “whitest county” in the US I was thinking Vermont…or maybe someplace in Clinton’s Arkansas where Bill Clinton’s hero, Fulbright was an open segregationist.
    Forsyth County was part of a territory I had years ago- it borders Fulton County to the south. Which County do you suppose has a lower crime rate?

  • Welcome to Amerikkka

  • Why is there so much daily race baiting on Yahoo?

  • elena cruz

    So the county is racist? Why haven’t blacks lived there? Perhaps they didn’t want to live there? This is illogical thinking and not worth reading.

  • askdje

    So much truth in the rhetoric of the past. Look back 20yrs and it was about morals, caring, and integrity. Still is today.

  • elena cruz

    GOOD FOR THIS GUY – and this community! They don’t have to have blacks, or gays or whomever – let them go live somewhere else.

  • Soon

    I hate white people. I honestly wish they would all die so that the best people can take over this country and “make America great again”.

  • shaquan

    only perfect place left in the usa

  • GG

    No Jim. No crime. Just heroin addicts

  • phil

    that’s too funny. even the bothers gotta like that

  • Gordon

    Any issues with all black neighborhoods? Of course not! Only White ones. Most Whites would prefer to live in low crime, self reliant neighborhoods with higher property values. That is more likely if Blacks are not in the area. Everyone knows this.The Media fails consistently to point these facts out.

  • Tee

    Great! Have a nice life!

  • I wonder what the county’s crime rate looks like.

  • Joe

    God created Africa- Africa gave birth to the human race-African migrated to Europe where the climate colored them-

  • The bus leaves in the morning, all aboard you racist thugs.

  • Racist and white? Shocker! Where there are pink people, there’s going to be hate unless, of course, they can make money off of you.

  • @Gordon – My property is valued more thatn your trailer . You disgust me BOY.

  • Hateful pink people? No way! I’m shocked. LOL!

  • Forsyth Co., GA


  • wally

    Why should I care that a group of morons want to live by themselves?..They can dig a big hole and move further down just to avoid human beings for all I care.

  • Never ind the countless racial hate crime attacks on white people , nationwide , by NEGRO MOBS . That resulted in severe injuries , disabilities and deaths !!!

  • Sorie sankoh

    If u are not Native Indian then ur ancestors came from somewhere, no exceptions

  • and i bet it is crime free.

  • DSGB6

    Played football against Forsyth co. in ”99” after we beat them badly we had to be escorted outta town by the cops. We were a mixed school and the players were good sports but the fans were not!!! they threw bottles on the field at kids.

  • Donald Trump plans to build his White House there, where he plans to rule the Reputards/Tea Monkeys with thorns and thistles

  • ReneĆ©

    The KKK is there. That’s why African Americans don’t live there.

  • Mike Hunt

    As much as I hate kkk and other haters…I dislike oprah more…did you here she got arrested?…they found 200lbs of crack under her dress…

  • “racist” is code for “white”
    celebrate diversity when you can’t celebrate achievement or excellence

  • I am wondering if Counties with ABOVE the National percent of Black Americans could be considered as RACIST against NON Blacks ?
    All the BULL MANURE about DIVIDING the American People into different Groups , is KILLING the Unity of the Nation .
    No person Regardless of what Group should be ABUSED except for their own PERSONAL Actions or give Special Rights because they are or claim membership in any Group .

  • Charles Sanderson

    I will have to look into that area if I ever decide to move to Ga. I am not racist but I would like to live in a crime free area. When I watch local news where I live, almost all of the violent crime is done by blacks and according to the prison stats . Blacks make up less than 14% of the population but do 65% of the violent crime. That is just the violent crime ,not the

  • Charles Sanderson

    That is not the most racist county, try going into a county that is all Blacks


  • I wouldnt want to live around any Red Neck Hill Billy crackers.

  • White folks are stupid. Im totally convinced of that.

  • MyOpinion

    Let them be. I hate racism but if this is the way they want to live, let them. They are only hurting themselves and no one else, as long as they aren’t going on outings to lynch, what are they doing? Better they live among themselves that among the rest of us who just want to live in peace. I believe every race should have the option to live separate if they want, it would be less trouble than forcing it. If you force someone to do what they really don’t want to do, you will be me with opposition.

  • I have no doubt that one of the mission of those who rules America is to keep it divided maintaining a mutual disrespect and distrust between cultural, racial, ethnic, etc. groups.

  • god bless them no one want to live around blacks not even blacks

  • just think what america would be without blacks

  • dan

    Well,Steve I guess white people are stupid,Like Abraham Lincoln,for causing all those casulities of the Civil War too free your ancestors stupid A%$es.

  • At least they cannot say ” there goes the neighborhood !!, thank God !!”

  • Steve is a troll. I’m thoroughly convinced of that fact.

  • instead of opray going around giving her blessings?? she should be providing jobs for her people!!!

  • Dan

    This is SO outdated! Please, anyone who is able to, come and see what Forsyth County is like now. I live in the Atlanta area and the only reason I have been to Forsyth County was to visit my non-white friends who live there! They are Asian Indians, who happen to be quite dark-skinned, and the county is much more diverse than most parts of the USA today.

  • pilgrim

    how is this different than blacklivesmatter? switch “white” for “black”, and tell me how this is different? not defending it, just don’t understand how blacks can spit on white people, burn down cities while chanting “kill whitey” in 2015, and that’s “civil disobedience”

  • When blacks live in all black communities, does that mean they’re racist?

  • oprah is a ultimate racist…. and to think that WHITE MEN are behind her success…. wow, just mind bendingly stupid of them….

  • “No black person has lived there for seventy-five years prior to this video.”. They may be racist, but I know inner city neighborhoods that are all black and no white person has lived there for decades. So racism works both ways.

  • I’m black and one thing lower income blacks have to address. Does poverty have to cause crime, and does that mean ones property has be ill kept, litter, unclean etc? Now that’s no excuse to be racist because after all our best is as filthy rags to Christ so the racist is gonna be in for a rude awakening on judgment day. You cannot say you love God whom you’ve never seen and hate your brother who you have seen.

  • Imagine if God rejected us the way some people reject those he created.

  • Lucius

    There are plenty of neighborhoods within a ten minute drive from my house where I wouldn’t last a block walking through them, and I am white. I doubt anyone refers to those neighborhoods as “racist” though.

  • wow… THIS is so funny…. a lady on here with the last name of Cruz, and a guy named Shaquan, agree and like this..?? umm… they do not like you too…actually we blacks love to live around blacks, but we also love to live around asians, middle east people, whites, and whomever…it always amazes me that white people hate blacks.. no other race gets the hate we get from whites…I can’t remember the last time ive seen ANY story with white hating another race..and I mean with such disdain, but most of you people who have this hate in your heart do not want to be called racist..and your usually the first to go to church…know go figure that one out..unless you have 600 billion to move us “back to africa”, grow up..you love our culture, our music, and i know at least some of you people kids have been nailed by a black dude..get with the program.. or..you can always move to Germany..spoiler (blacks are there too…..BOO!) lol…smfh

  • Ty Malone

    Why does the media keep bringing up old racist stories! This doesn’t help heal the wounds of the past. I’m sure that some things have changed since1987.

  • quinnton goldbar

    Sounds like my kind of place!

  • Have no time for uneducated Troglodytes !! Let the trash have their county !!

  • so a town full of negr0s or hispanics is ok?

  • The different between black community is that no one is stopping people of other colors from moving in them. It is not because black people say you can’t and we don’t want you. The white communities will say we do not want any black people, etc., If one black person move in the community sale sign go up over night. They do not wait to meet the people only know someone said a black family moved in.

  • Elephant-hunter

    Read these comment and you’ll see than nothing have changed…

  • Think that’s awesome, why would someone want to live in idiotville? Let the people there continue to live in there little trailer park, marry there cousins and live in peace.

  • Ty

    Forsyth County Georgia

  • 7-11s dont get robbed there.

  • Michael

    Been listening to some David Allan Coe lately! Good stuff.

  • eric

    the liberal propaganda machine is hard at work digging up old oprah

  • herdofpugs

    If anyone can point to any town, city, state or country that has improved thanks to the introduction of blacks I will contend that it’s possible to live a civilized life with them. Until then I don’t see any problem with people wanting to live a black-free life.

  • Josem Hi

    White people say that the creature closest to God is white people because they invent all sort of things how ever the devil satan was throne out of heaven because he wanted to take God place just like white people are doing now in this white people the primary army of satan

  • Kara C.

    Shame Shame on America, If we have not yet noticed that we are all starting to look the same the color of our skin is starting to fade away…What happens when your daughter or son who went away to college brings home a non white or a gay partner? what happens then will you kill her or him? It’s a shame that we are moving backwards when the rest of the world is moving forward and laughing at our stupidity. Ignorance is the deadliest disease please stop spreading it.

  • Michael

    Just What I love to do is visit someplace that I am obviously not wanted. Typical.

  • Dr Truth

    This is why Yahoo’s stock is tanking, and they are about to be bought out by another company! This is horrible, stale old far left “journalism”, trying to stir up race relations with an old irrelevant KKK story? Give me just one article condemning the blatantly racists little group called, “Black lives matter”……Please!!!

  • Charlie

    Who is keeping them out?

  • JOHN


  • John Froch

    It sounds like a good place for retirement or for raising kids.

  • Rinaldi

    With a last name like cruz….how can you say such a thing…

  • bigcreek

    We moved here 10 years ago and do not know anything about its history until we watched it in Oprah’s collection series. Apparently, this county has completely transformed from being predominantly white to a diverse community and becoming one of the fastest growing counties in the US. Forsyth has one of the most educated people and has the highest median household income of over $87K not just in Georgia but in the US. It has one of the best school systems in Georgia too. I can tell that people are very tolerant and respectful and crime rates and extremely low (one of the lowest in GA). Indeed, people can change the community. We no longer talk about the stories during its dark period as a community. Everyone wants to move forward. Only people who have not travelled outside the US nor met other people from other countries/race can remain to be resistant to change and tolerance to other culture. We are the words that we speak and how we perceive others also reflects our true colors.

    • Michael

      Sounds like a really special place.

  • Trevor

    I’d live there. No crime i bet.



  • Neil

    I remember that one time a Indian guy took me (a black man) to a BBQ restaurant in Forsyth county.

    That is all.

  • A true American

    Must be a Nice place!! Now if you want to see the real racist in America, just go visit the white house!

  • lamar

    Haven Bless black man, Haven bless the white man, Haven bless us ALL.

  • Wayne County Michigan?

  • DuchessII

    Where would “America” be without Black people is someone’s question? My question is where would “America” be without “white” people. My answer, Native Americans would have their land back. And since they were people who used only what they needed, there would be no problems with air and water pollution.
    I heard on the news about two white college students killing a 13 year old girl who had survived Lymphoma and a liver disorder. I f that is not violent I don’t know what is. I’ll bet her family is not saying, “oh we feel so much better because she wasn’t killed by a Black person.”

    The members of KKK have killed more people, Black and white than any other non military group is this country. If they were such honorable, law abiding citizens, they wouldn’t need to hide behind sheets.

  • Goldberg

    The people that live there look like they smell very bad. NASTY!!!!

  • I bet they all have rotten teeth, are related to one another, and collect food stamps. Pure WHITE TRASH



  • I am JEWISH. I would never live in poor old dirty neighborhood with a bunch of beer drinking, high school dropout, uneducated, coke sniffing, unemployed, welfare recipient, food stamp, WHITE TRASH.

  • Head racist opera always stirring up hate

  • Jackie Lowery

    You know my ancestors were brought here against their will so does this mean everyone except the Native American
    Indians will be the only ones to GO? You know, the American Indians were doing fine until the so called “whites” came with their diseases and ignorance of a land they knew nothing about. It’s said that “Columbus discovered America,” but
    for the life of me I can’t understand how it was ever LOST. These people take, take, and take.

  • woodsmen

    all you people black or white complaining about skin color, you want to see things that wii pop your eyes take a little
    trip up in the mountains & back country around the Utah & AZ

  • Dan Beall

    So why doesn’t the queen of anti-white black extremism go into the inner city neighborhoods all over America and complain that their are no whites living there???? She is human garbage, filled with hatred for whites, unless they bow at her feet.

  • t.ellis

    Google the demographics of FORSYTH Ga. How things have changed.

  • Glock Guy

    This is where the NAACP needs to move their headquarters.