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Origin of Photoshop explained by co-developer John Knoll

This is an interview with John Knoll. He is the co-developer of Adobe Photoshop. The interviewer is Robert Scoble. John is currently the visual effects supervisor at Industrial Light and Magic. He’s worked on a few movies you might have heard of like Star Wars, Star Trek, The Abyss, and Pirates of the Carribbean.

Sorry about the focus. I keep forgetting that the Nikon D90 does not autofocus when shooting video. The ILM tour was given by Lucasfilm employee Selwyn Eddy. My friend, Craig Hosoda, arranged our tour and our meeting with John. Craig is the other person in the video.

Total Photoshop tips and tricks.

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  • johnmathieu

    Wow! I worked for SuperMac while I was in high school and may have shipped John that SuperMac XP 20 drive myself.