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Other things that fit in the Trenta Starbucks cup

The internet amazed us by demonstrating how an entire bottle of wine fits into Starbucks’ new Trenta size cup, and now the old interwebs have come through again with an entire series of things that fit into the coffee chain’s bladder-busting cups.

So what else can you cram into a Starbucks Trenta size after downing your unsweetened iced coffee with almond milk?

Prepare for amazement:

28 slices of bacon


75 Lil’ Smokies


45 ballpoint pens


Full list at DallasObserver.

Oodles of odd news.

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  • Ethan Johnson

    That’s helpful. Like the rest of America, I was wondering how many Lil Smokies fit in a Trenta cup. Now I can cross that one off my list. So, how many Lil Smokies do you suppose fit in a ten-gallon aquarium? Anyone?
    I was also wondering how many Lil Smokies would have to be lined up end to end to reach from Earth to the moon.
    Great Lil Smokies mysteries yet to solve, friends.