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Otters playing with two Labs

Need a daily dose of cuteness? Watching these dogs play with some otters is going to make your day! Watching the little otter run around is worth every second of this video.

Full story at YouTube.

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  • B

    That was incredibly sweet. Interesting how an otter has some of the same instincts as dogs do. When it was first wedged next to the boat on the dock and Spice was sniffing, it went belly up, just like a dog would, and later, it sniffed Spice’s behind, for information.

  • Eddie Hansen

    Otters are funny creatures, they are curious and unafraid and love to play. I don’t know how the dogs would dealt with a giant river otter. They are playful but also a lot bigger. Glad the dogs were just curious, or they could a nasty bite. I wonder what would have happened if the labs jumped in the water?

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