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How to overcome your fear of selling


Selling something, anything, involves a big risk: yourself. Selling things involves risking your pride, and that involves a lot of fear. To help you overcome that, Intuit offers some tips of selling, with the help of expert Jim Dunn. Here’s just one:

Adjust your attitude. Dunn advises business owners to think of themselves (or their salespeople) as problem-solvers, not product pushers. “Nobody sits around wishing a salesperson would call on them today,” he says, “but there are plenty of customers who have a problem or a business challenge that they need help with. You just have to find them.”

Full story at Intuit.

Top sales tips.

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  • greg

    I never had a fear selling and never thought of it that way.. I did have a customer turn into a competitor for a bit and he was the one who had the fear. His stories where interesting to say the least. Years I have been an outside salesman and never thought of fear and sales. Make you think that some jobs your suited for and others not so much. <gfsheridan.com>