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Pastafarian wins right to wear colander for driver’s license photo


Niko Alm’s driver’s license photo looks pretty standard—blank stare, bad lighting—but his headwear of choice might cause a few double takes. Alm sported a metal pasta strainer for his license photo after authorities deemed the kitchen tool “religious headgear.”

The Austrian man’s battle to don the peculiar head accessory began three years ago when he read that headgear could be worn in government pictures for confessional reasons. The self-confessed atheist decided to claim allegiance to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and push for the right to wear the sieve as a representation of his pastafarian beliefs.

Upon receiving his application, Austrian authorities ordered Alm to get a doctor’s note certifying that he was “psychologically fit” to get behind the wheel. After obtaining the note and going through a medical interview, Alm finally received his official license.

Anyone else feel like penne for dinner now?

Full story at BBC.

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