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Penny for your thoughts and 31,000 for the kitchen floor


Have a few thousand pennies laying around that you don’t feel like hauling to the bank? Then it’s time to redecorate, folks.

It took Amanda Edwards of Mandolin Mosaics one year and 31,140 pennies to create this priceless kitchen floor.

According to her website:

I generally got $20 worth of pennies at a time from the bank. I worked on the penny floor for about a year… on weekends, rainy days, and here and there between raising a family, and working full time as a mosaic artist. I used Weldbond Glue to adhere each penny, individually, to my floor. ALL wax was removed from the floor before I started. To be just a little crazy, I made each penny heads up & facing the same direction. Here and there, I would throw in a dime…. and when I found a cool penny (like a wheat penny), I put them tails up. It gave everyone something to look for. 🙂 As I finished a section, I grouted them. I used a black, sanded grout. This kept dirt from finding its way into the cracks, and I think gives it a really finished look.

It might clash with those stainless steel appliances everyone on HGTV is so fond of, but it certainly is one of a kind.

Full story at Mandolin Mosaics.

Monetary mosaics.

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  • veezworld

    I love it. A Chicago restaurant, Square One, has done the same thing with their bathroom floors. I’m not sure what color grout the restaurant used but the black in Amanda’s kitchen looks great.