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Plane passengers: 10 top complaints [infographic]

Not much to say about this as I agree with all of them. Most of which have actually impacted my desire to travel, now that I can choose to travel how I wish (meaning, not jetting off to meetings in far-flung places at the drop of a non-car-accessible hat and jetting back 6 hours later). Why fly, when you have the choice to drive (rhetorical question).

Makes me long for the good ol’ days when flying was a pleasure and an occasion for which we dressed in our proverbial Sunday best. Unlike one of the last times I flew and was seated near a young woman in a micro-short dress who clearly had no underwear on. First of all, who would want to expose one’s nether regions to the filth that is public seating and second of all, who would want to expose one’s regions of any sort, clothed or not, to the areas to which her nether regions had been exposed (another rhetorical question).

And so, before I write too much more about one of my favourite topics (the dreaded seat-recliner), take a look at the top ten complaints and see whether you agree with them. Also check out “Passenger Shaming” if you want to see some really gross stuff. They collect subscriber photos and publish them on Twitter, Facebook etc. So after much ado, here’s the link:

Full story here: Daily Mail.

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