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Pope Francis Laundry now open to the homeless

What price tag do we put on dignity?

When it’s a matter of the simple luxury of enjoying clean clothes, Pope Francis wanted to be sure there wasn’t a price for the homeless in the center of Rome, so he opened the Pope Francis Laundry.

As reported by Fast Company:

The new laundry is one of a handful of projects that try to address the challenge of clean clothes for homeless people. In the U.S., volunteers from an organization called Laundry Love partner with local laundromats to offer free services at certain hours to people in need. The project started after founders asked a homeless man what he needed, and he said, “If I had clean clothes I think people would treat me like a human being.”

Food for thought.

Full story at Fast Company.

Dignity for the homeless.

Photo credit: Whirlpool Corporation EMEA

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