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Procrastination & creativity: Finding the magical combination

There’s nothing good about a deadline missed or building a reputation for unreliability due to procrastination, but what if we told you that bad habit also has a bright side when it comes to creativity?

When you consider the great Leonardo da Vinci was a legendary procrastinator, the idea isn’t as hard to swallow, and Canva Design School‘s Adrienne Branson outlines where this tendency springs from, as well as how you can use it to your advantage.

Here are a few of the techniques she suggests for turning a bad habit into a productive one:

01. Quit on a High Note

When you are working, you probably try to find a “stopping point” before you quit for the day. You go take your lunch when you’ve completed a measurable section of the project, or you stay late working out an issue.

By finding a logical place to leave things off, you are making it easy for your mind to set aside the project, only to be resumed the next time you get back to work…

02. Master the Art of Working in Small Doses

Especially if your procrastination stems from a fear of failure or a sense of perfectionism, working in small doses can help you overcome the initial hurdle of getting started.

Fifteen minutes may not sound like enough time to create a masterpiece, and it’s not. But it will get you going, and over an extended period of time it adds up…

Full story at Canva Design School.

Creativity & procrastination.

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