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Protect your signal with Wi-Fi-proof wallpaper


Tired of cheap neighbors elbowing in on your Wi-Fi signal? Then it’s time to do some redecorating!

Scientists from the institut polytechnique Grenoble INP and the Centre Technique du Papier have developed a novel new product so gratuitous, it almost seems necessary: a silver-crystal coated wallpaper that can block neighbours from freeloading off your Wi-Fi network. The silver crystals are arranged in such a way that they are able to block certain wireless frequencies, not least of which is the same frequency as a WiFI router.

As many before us have pointed out, one could always set up a password and windows will also allow your signal to sneak out despite your walls full of protection, but, hey, to each his or her own.

Full story at Gizmodo Australia via Geekologie.

Defensive decorating.

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