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Protecting guns from people

This “Must-see morning clip” from the Daily Show illustrates another perspective on gun control. Honestly, I don’t know if it’s an April Fool’s prank or for real.

Full story at Salon.

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  • You do realize that The Daily Show is a political satire show? 😉

  • +Adrian Roos I do, but the basis of great satire is the truth. 🙂

  • Where there is Government control then the dictatorship will rule your lives.

  • +John Linn absolutely, less Governement the better, Here in Canada (Socialistland), our Prime Minister is actually trying to reduce the size of Gov't and it's roll in people's everyday lives.

  • +John Linn and +Rabid Rotty I'm sure there is an optimum level of government involvement, but zero is surely not it. I don't know about you, but I'd prefer my cops to not be just renting themselves out to the highest bidder. And that is but one of the many things where a strong government beats the alternatives hands down.

  • +Ron Porter don't get me wrong, I never said no Government, I said small government. At economic times like these, Government should be only funding core essential services not special interest group's wet dreams, and that goes on both sides of the political fence, not just the ones I disagree with.

  • also this pic reminds me of pics of USSR burning books

  • Odd, it reminds me of the gun buy-back in Australia in 1996-7 that removed 20% of the guns from the country.
    Happy days.

  • +Ron Porter Where do you think the guns ended up?

  • Doesn't this remind any one of how pre-WWII Germany is depicted in our history today?

  • Before commenting, you may want to read the article and watch the clip from "The Daily Show". The confusion shown so far in this discussion is a good example of the complicated nature of the gun control | gun ownership issue.

  • +John Hebert You want people to make informed comments? You're kidding, right? 🙂

  • +Guy Kawasaki If they can first get their facts straight, then they can twist them however they want. 🙂

  • fantastic idea

  • Government for the people, BY THE PEOPLE. Strong, healthy, small, democratic republic. Think we can get there?

  • II Ammendment is the insurance policy that government is “BY THE PEOPLE”, but it is only insurance. The polls are where WE operate to keep from using the insurance – no one wants to actually collect insurance, right? Usually that means something bad happened first.

  • I like Guy’s tweet, “protecting guns from people” 🙂 On another note: read his book “Enchanted”