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Pure genius: A minivan with a vacuum [video]


Stop the search for the family-mobile now, and just hold your horses for the release of the 2014 Honda Odyssey Minivan.

For lovers of luxury, heated seats, a cutting-edge sound and theater system and complete connectivity might be must-haves, but for the family set, Honda finally picked the perfect feature: a vacuum.

As Mashable’s Andrea Smith explained:

It was developed in conjunction with Shop-Vac and is basically a vacuum hose tucked behind a side panel in the rear cargo area. Got a Cheerios spill way up front? The hose reaches all the way to the front driver’s seat, so there’s plenty of flexibility, and it comes with two attachments; perfect for reaching those crevices in between seats.

The vacuum is powered from the car’s battery, so you can use it for up to eight minutes when you’re parked, or just turn on the engine and vacuum up all those crumbs.

Hey, we’re not saying we would use it as often as we should, but we’d give up automatic windows for this upgrade.

Full story at Mashable.

Clever cars.



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