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Put a gleam in their eye with lightsaber popsicles


Know what the best part of getting together with your siblings over the holidays is? Acting like your nine even if you’re starting to consider an AARP membership, and that’s not the kind of magic you find just anywhere.

Nothing will speed along an awkward ice-breaking session, though, than serving up some lightsaber popsicles and letting the food fight begin (especially if there’s a little adult surprise thrown in, if you know what we mean).

With four saber pops, there should be plenty for the typical family of 2.5 plus the one fun in-law, and to make it even better, they actually light up! Perfect for when someone blows a fuse.

So, be prepared and have a season that’s merry and bright with a little help of the force. Jedi-tested and definitely not mother-approved.

Full story at ThinkGeek.

Colder than Han in carbonite!

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