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Raise those mugs for coffee ground booze!

Coffee brewing with brew basket and brewing cycle

Oh, it’s a happy Friday indeed now that we know that blessed drink of the morning can now produce your happy hour beverage selection as well.

It’s like recycling with a buzz!

According to Nisha Giridharan at Science:

The scientists first collected this raw material from a Portuguese coffee roasting company and dried it. Then they heated the powder in water at 163°C for 45 minutes, separated out the liquid, and added sugar. Next, the team mixed in yeast cells, let the concoction ferment, and concentrated the sample to get a higher alcohol content. (A similar process is used to produce other distilled beverages such as whiskey and rum from wheat and molasses.) And voilà! Used coffee grounds produced a new alcoholic beverage with 40% ethanol, comparable to other hard liquor such as vodka and tequila, researchers will report in the September issue of LWT – Food Science and Technology.

Set up the basement still and forget the compost! There’s drinkin’ to do!

Full story at Science.

Coffee booze: The cherry on top of the bitterness that is life

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