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Ranking Australian animals of the non-lethal variety [videos]

Being an island and all, nature has served up some rather unique and terrifying examples of fauna in Australia, yet what’s the point of always looking on the dark side?

Luke Plunkett, native Australian, would like to give you a reason to love Australia again — or ten of them — so you don’t think every walk outside will end in your untimely demise should you finally get around to visiting.

Of course, eating rotten koala meat will probably kill you, so take each of these examples with a healthy dose of common sense.


The waters off the coast of Australia are full of things specifically designed to end your life, but not everything is a killer. The Port Jackson shark, which grows to around 4-5 feet long, generally just chills at the bottom of the ocean, and has one of the most amazing eggs on the planet, which looks like it was laid by an alien that would grow up to destroy Tokyo.

WILL IT KILL YOU? The last recorded “attack” by a Port Jackson shark came in 2011. Its teeth didn’t even break the guy’s skin.


The Sugar Glider is a possum. Now, to Americans, a possum is a shrieking creature from the depths of hell. Australian possums are different. They’re like squirrels, only noisier. And this one can fly! Well, glide. And it’s super cute.

WILL IT KILL YOU? With those big soft eyes, maybe.

Full story at Kotaku.

Animals of Australia.

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