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Rapturepreneurship: The newest, possibly last trend in business


Beware! The end is near! Which means, of course, you’d better cash in while you can. Some entrepreneurs have seen a market ripe for harvest: future raptured souls. See, when the end comes (which may be soon. May 21 didn’t pan out, but 2012 is right around the corner, and this whole debt ceiling thing could spell doom for us all) and hundreds of thousands of people disappear, how will life on earth continue? Well, there’s an app for that:

Keith Preston, owner of Rapture Ready Consulting in Kenton, Ohio…estimates his company grossed $380,000 in 2009 by selling products like…a smartphone app for $4.99 that tells you if you’re in a flood zone. Although sales plummeted to $200,000 in 2010—the short-lived economic uptick, Rapture-sellers say, cast a pall over the sector—Rapture Ready rebounded this year.

Preston isn’t the only one making a move on this market. Take a look at the full article for the other examples.

Full story on Businessweek.

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