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Rarely seen views of Greenland’s Tasermiut Fjord


Photographer Vladimir Donkov braved the unpredictable dangers of Greenland’s Tasermiut Fjord for an incredible two months to bring back shots of this unearthly landscape, a trip he described as the worst of all his Arctic journeys.

Though a statement like that is sure to fire up the ambition of a few adventurous photography brethren out there, he’s clear in his warnings against making the trek:

“There are no trails, the winds are unpredictable, and most of all – the big rivers are extremely hard to cross and there are no bridges,” he explains. “Recently even two locals died while trying to cross a river there.”

Fortunately, we have his stories and pictures courtesy of Environmental Graffiti to enjoy from the comfort of home and office, and there’s no danger in letting our minds wander where our bodies shouldn’t go.



Full story at Environmental Graffiti.

Nature photography from the edge of the world.

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