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Read the fine print: Santa’s privacy policy


There’s nothing quite like throwing a reality check into a favorite childhood memory, and there are few more masterful than this 2010 piece from McSweeney’s on the Big Guy’s privacy policy.

What, like you thought he was fool enough not to have one?

If you haven’t seen it before, here’s a sample to whet your whistle:

At Santa’s Workshop, your privacy is important to us. What follows is an explanation of how we collect and safeguard your personal information; the kind of information we collect; and your choices regarding our use and disclosure of this information…

What Information Do We Collect?

We obtain information from a variety of sources. Much of it comes from unsolicited letters sent to Santa by children all over the world listing specific items they would like to receive for Christmas. Often these letters convey additional information as well, such as the child’s hopes and dreams, how much they love Santa, and which of their siblings are doodyheads…

What Do We Do With the Information We Collect?

Sharing is one of the joys of Christmas. For this reason, we share your personal information with our affiliates, non-affiliated third parties, and anyone else who has a legitimate financial stake in a successful holiday season. Mrs. Claus also likes to have a look-see.

Our affiliates include partners of Santa’s Workshop who are actively involved in making Christmas happen. They include toy-making elves, flying reindeer, and Jesus. Non-affiliated third parties might include the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and Hanukkah Harry…

Yep, Santa’s a snitch.

Full story at McSweeney’s via Boing Boing.

Santa and the law.

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