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Ready to be a one-man (or woman) band?

“Wondering how to scale yourself as a “one-man band” to flow more value, get more things done, and free up more time for yourself?

The key is to create a one-man band where you can scale yourself with skill. When you know how to scale yourself with skill, you can also scale others, and you can scale teams. Worst case, you stop being the bottleneck to yourself and others. Best case, you exponentially flow value for yourself, and help others flow their value more effectively.”

Key strategies

  • Priority list on steroids
  • Use the 80/20 rule to define the 20% that makes up 80% of the value.

Really comprehensive article to move towards being highly productive and get things done!

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  • Thanks!  I need this one.

  • Got to be focused.

  • I've been hearing alot about scaleability lately. What is it? And why is it so hot all of a sudden?

  • Most places you need a license to share free talent and enjoy. Came by this talented 10 year old and hoping others will share her message in a bottle. Shallow Waters Original and Official Music Video: 10 year old Ta'Kaiya Blaney & Aileen De La Cruz. Thanks for the post.

  • +Scott Burt Scalability is becoming a buzzword. It means being able to  deal with the demand or growth of something. So if you grow and have more demand, will you be able to scale to meet the growth? Things can scale up or down. Does that help?

  • Yes, it does, thanks Peg. I guess I must be in more discussions where things are scaling than usual.

  • +Scott Burt It's one of those phrases that's snowballed into conversation and now it's everywhere. I hear it a lot too.

  • Its funny how words catch on like that. I have seen examples lately of people using it in some odd contexts, just because they think it might somehow make them more credible, or scaleable.

  • +Scott Burt So, what you're saying is that scalability isn't always scalable. 🙂

  • I was hoping I wasn't the only one starting to see it that way. Yes. It's like the old: "Changes aren't permanent, but change is".