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Real Christmas trees get the green light from environmentalists


One might think that cutting down a tree for purposes of holiday décor would be a no-no in environmental circles seeing that an artificial one can last for decades, but if you’re looking to decrease your carbon bootprint this holiday season, plant biologist Clint Springer, Ph.D says go for the real green.

“At this time of year, choosing a real Christmas tree is one way that an average person can make a difference in terms of climate change,” Springer says. “A study as recent as 2009 (Ellipsos) concluded that a 7-foot cut tree’s impact on climate is 60 percent less than a 7-foot artificial tree used for six years. So while cut trees are not carbon-neutral, in terms of carbon-use, they are better than artificial trees.”

If a real tree isn’t a possibility, though, one can also do things like use LED lights, buy organic produce and recycle whenever possible to minimize the environmental impact of this year’s celebrations.

After all, it’s only evergreen if we keep it that way, right?

Full story at Newswise.

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