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Recently-discovered negatives could solve Amelia Earhart mystery


The story of Amelia Earhart has inspired girls for generations and her mysterious disappearance over the Pacific during her attempted flight around the world has stumped investigators for just as long.

The recent discovery of large format photo negatives in the New Zealand Air Force Museum, taken fifteen months after the disappearance of Earhart and navigator Fred Noonan, could hold the key to solving part of the mystery after all these years. The photos show the reef of Gardner Island, where some thought the two might have survived following an emergency landing.

“We will be working not from a third generation print but from the original large-format, fine-grained negatives,” said [Executive director of TIGHAR, Ric] Gillespie speaking with Discovery News. “In our fondest dreams we couldn’t have wished for something like this.”

Full story at Discovery News via PetaPixel.

Tantalizing bits of history.


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