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Remains of King Richard III found under parking lot

Researchers at the University of Leicester have found the remains of King Richard III under a parking lot in Leicester. There were ten wounds on the remains. Cause of death looks to be a head wound. There was also evidence of a sword wound through the right buttock.


Photo credit: Rui Vieira /PA Photos /Landov

An enlarged image of the skull identified as that of King Richard III. Jo Appleby, a lecturer in human bioarchaeology at the University of Leicester, is pointing to a detail.

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  • no more discontented parking lots for richard.

  • The car park stands where Greyfriars church used to be, so it looks like he was originally buried in the church.

  • Fake. That cant be the it, it's way too big. Look at the size of the hand in comparison.

  • lmao. Some please tell me +David Schofield is joking

  • I can't help but think of the Black Adder version of history…

  • I wonder what 500 years of parking ran him.  And yes, +David Schofield, King Henry III was indeed a giant!  (Not as big as this picture leads you to believe though – the presenter is only 27" tall.)

  • Credo

  • Horse still missing

  • The Lion heart?

  • Edward, The-Not-So-Nice!

  • +Ayokunle Okeowo He's joking.


  • +charles eze  No, Richard III, the last Plantagenet.  Richard the Lionheart was the son of Henry Plantagenet, first Plantagenet king (Eleanor of Aquitaine  was his mother) 


    Why I know this stuff, I cannot say.

  • King Richard III had a big head….. 😉

  • Now…on to Jimmy Hoffa…

  • Must'a been a mob hit….forget about it!!!!!

  • +Murphy Jacobs
    The Lion in Winter, or was it The Wind and the Lion ?

  •  I wish I could retain information like that and just instinctively spat it out at a moments notice. Its good to know our worlds history.

  • +Jack Longchamps Lion in Winter — the movie version starred Peter O'Toole, Katherine Hepburn, and a young Anthony Hopkins, among others.

    +Kris Baker  I have a brain for trivia.  However, where my car keys are at any moment is much more challenging.  Also, one of my favorite books as a kid was "A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver", http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/73298.A_Proud_Taste_for_Scarlet_and_Miniver

    which was about Eleanor of Acquitaine.  I think I read it three or four times.

  • +Murphy Jacobs
     And it is brilliant !

  • I was looking for this dude, he owes me three fiddy.

    • Donna Perkins

      Best comment, EVER

  • +M Hatti
    King Ed ? By Jove, you get around !

  • +Jack Longchamps I might be collecting with interest now, it's all a business 🙂

  • +M Hatti
    Absolutely 😉

  • A chapter in history is finally closed although some mysteries still remain. Was Richard III responsible for the death of the princes in the Tower (although one was a king, Edward V) also did he have a part in the murder of Henry VI? No doubt there will be a lot of debate around this in the next few years.

  • oh ze!

  • wow . nice skull

  • Very big find! Amazing!

  • The paths of glory lead but to the grave… Under a car park in Leicester.

  • for real?