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Rethinking the tricycle: 19 weird and wonderful variations


You might have thought your tricycle days were over once you got the hang of the two-wheeled variety, but plenty of designers are determined to make the tricycle a toy for those past the toddler stage.

Steve at WebEcoist shows that, with a few twists and turns, the tricycle is the trendy way to hit the trails.


Artist Sergio Garcia crafted a trio of twisted tricycles for the From The Street To The Cube show at 941 Geary Gallery, which took place August 7th through 28th of 2010. The best of the bunch is the so-called “Its Not Always Easy to Tell What’s Real and What’s Fabricated”tricycle shown above. Better not try riding the 42×50″ metal sculpture, however, as it was purchased for a cool $5,000.


Industrial designer Cikaric Dragan’s Twin Trike concept is headed your way – you’ll see it coming at least, thanks to integral headlights and signal lights. Speaking of “light”, extensive use of carbon fiber in the trike’s frame ensures minimal weight, an important consideration when only one person’s in the driver’s seat.

Full story at WebEcoist.

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