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Returning to one’s roots with compost furniture

compost furniture

If you happen to live in an area where invasive species have overtaken the landscape, you may have idly wondered, “Isn’t there something we could use this for?”

Though it wasn’t an invasive species so much as a clay cup that inspired the compostable creations of Israeli designer Adital Ela, it does make you wonder what possibilities we’re passing up each and every day to lessen our impact on the Earth.

The funny part of the story is how close the artist was to this traditional practice:

“I was amazed to discover that this knowledge was actually in my family one generation away,” she says. “It reminded me again how crucial it is to find ways to lean back onto the heritage taught to us by our ancestors and take it forward by applying current scientific and technological knowledge, towards a future in which also our products have grandchildren.”

Just goes to show Grandma and Grandpa have more to teach us than embarrassing stories about our parents or a lecture on bunions.

Full story at Fast Company.

Historic design with a modern twist.

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