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Robot conducts Italian orchestra

Is there something inherently human in the artistry of an orchestra conductor?

Apparently not.

YuMi, the world’s first truly collaborative dual-arm robot, has made its debut at the opera by conducting Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli and the Lucca Philharmonic Orchestra at the Teatro Verdi in Pisa, Italy, after being invited by Mr. Bocelli.

YuMi’s software first studied the motions of Maestro Andrea Colombini, then had the motions synchronized to the music.

Maestro wasn’t intimidated by the machine, so much as fascinated.

“Setting up the interaction between the elbow, forearm and wrist of the robot, making use of its versatility in repeated and demanding attempts to break down the upbeats and downbeats, was very successful,” he said.

Full story at ABB via Geekologie.

Robots with a classical twist.

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