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Rock, paper, scissors: How to win and how it could matter

Your chances of winning the game Rock, Paper, Scissors should be about 1 in 3. At least, that’s what chance would dictate. There’s even a name for it: The Nash Equilibrium, derived from A Beautiful Mind’s John Forbes Nash, Jr. that suggests you’d play Rock, Paper or Scissors with equal probability of choosing rock, paper and scissors.

However, a new study shows that people do not play randomly and it is possible to learn their patterns and to beat them at their own game. Another study that suggests that some players mimic their opponents’ patterns instead of choosing an alternate one, which would typically be a behaviour that scientists would have expected to see, and one that would typically give a competitive advantage. And then there are the studies which are ongoing that will apply a player’s style to his stock-market behaviours.

Lots of studying of this childhood game going on and there’s even a website where you can test your own personal strategy.

Full story here: BBC.

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