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Ronan, the beat-keeping sea lion

Scientists at UC Santa Cruz have trained a sea lion to move and groove with the beat. This is breakthrough news because only humans (and not all humans) were thought to have this ability.

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  • Disco? Crank the metal to headbang too.

  • Snoop Sea Lion?

  • Must be a Brutha!

  • )))))))))

  • Ha! If +Guy Kawasaki says this is newsworthy, then it must be newsworthy 🙂

  • It's not exactly "keeping beat". It's responding to sound the way it was trained to, so it's about the same as your dog coming to you when you call it.

  • Not only humans, +Guy Kawasaki.  Birds have shown this ability also.  Even more impressive – the birds aren't trained, they just do it on their own.  Google "Snowball the dancing cockatoo".

  • I'm curious can he keep beat in classical music…

  • No one can escape the beat

  • Book him on "Dancing with the Stars". Although he may object to having to dance with someone like Tom DeLay…

  • Awasume

  • +Nathan Gerdes It doesn't appear to be that simple.  They introduce new music to him with a different beat structure, and he finds the beat in it.  

    He may have been trained how to find the beat intially, but from there on it appears he can use the skill in novel situations, which is pretty unique…

  • Sea lion dancing to disco… gotta be the 8th sign of the Apocalypse.
    other than than… awesome!

  • Nature teaches us what we have to learn. Thank you for sharing it.

  • that's awesome!

  • Rock in seal

  • SEAL?! Is that you?

  • i think i gonna try it  with my  fish

  • Cool seal

  • I had a doc that was doing the same. She really liked Depeche mode and to some extent Muse (less Nirvana and other bands). Maybe they also should make that sea lion listen better music?