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Roominate: The doll house for future STEM majors [video]


When LEGOs appeared to dumb down their iconic toy to appeal to a more feminine audience, a collective roar was heard from those infuriated that girls were still being confined to the beauty shop when it came to their imaginations, but Roominate might be just the thing to bridge the gap between gender stereotypes and encouraging girls to build those bridges rather than daintily skip across them.

This Kickstarter project encourages children to plan, build and even wire their creations with electricity, by providing all the tools they need to build their own dream house.

Roominate is the first toy designed by Alice, Jennifer, and Bettina – three Stanford graduate students who wish they saw more women in their upper level math and science classes. They are designing Roominate to develop young girls’ confidence and enthusiasm for math, science and learning through fun hands-on play. Roominate is crafted for girls aged 6 -10.

Roominate is a kit of wooden building pieces and circuit components with which a child can use her creativity to design, build, wire, and decorate her own unique interactive room. AND, the rooms are attachable and stackable, enabling girls to build and design expandable structures. The pieces are made to be simple and intuitive so as to allow a girl to explore and discover on her own.

The sets can be pre-ordered now or you can receive a starter set and instructional video when you make a $49 donation at their Kickstarter page.

Let the fun begin and may it spark a lifelong passion.

Full story at Roominate via Technabob.

Toys to make them think.

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