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Sampling from posthumous Shel Silverstein book, “Everything On it”


Out of the more than 1500 poems beloved poet Shel Silverstein left behind when he passed away in 1999, his family has selected 145 for readers to enjoy in the book Everything On It. Toni Markiet, who worked closely with Silverstein while he was alive, tried to stay true to the author’s attention to detail and insistence that each page tempt young readers to continue. Now we all have a chance to pick up where we left off.

Italian Food

Oh, how I love Italian food.

I eat it all the time,

Not just ’cause how good it tastes

But ’cause how good it rhymes.

Minestrone, cannelloni,

Macaroni, rigatoni,

Spaghettini, scallopini,

Escarole, braciole,

Insalata, cremolata, manicotti,

Marinara, carbonara,

Shrimp francese, Bolognese,

Ravioli, mostaccioli,

Mozzarella, tagliatelle,

Fried zucchini, rollatini,

Fettuccine, green linguine,

Tortellini, Tetrazzini,

Oops—I think I split my jeani.

Full story at NPR via Buzzfeed.

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