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San Francisco man seeks holiday-only girlfriend


A single relationship status can make venturing to holiday parties a drag, and if ho-ho-ho-ing your way through New Year’s sounds more nauseating than chugging egg nog, consider following the lead of a San Francisco asshat man. A 28-year-old startup founder posted an ad on Craigslist San Francisco in hopes of landing a holidays-only female companion.

The so-called “Holiday Boyfriend” writes that he needs a lady for cuddling by the fire on cold nights, donning ugly sweaters for holiday cards, and smooching at midnight on New Year’s Eve. The relationship would wrap up January 2, 2011 at 11:59 p.m.

Suddenly curling up alone to nosh on holiday cookies and watch It’s a Wonderful Life for the 483rd time doesn’t sound so bad, eh ladies?


Read the ad on Craigslist SF.

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  • A rational guy

    This is sad beyond words…the holidays isn’t about only being with your spouse, it’s about being with your friends and family.
    If you’re too busy to get a gf/bf, then you shouldn’t complain about not having anybody to smooch in New Years.
    You’re just a sad sad person if these things are that important for you..you might just find an equally sad sad girlfriend.