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San Francisco vs Baltimore: The pop culture showdown

Not everyone has been wearing their Ravens jammies since the beginning of the playoffs or been lighting candles in front of graven images of 49er’s players in hopes they’ll finally catch up with the Steelers in Super Bowl ring glory.

For the fearless warriors who have been on the kitchen frontlines and only watch the game for the commercials, Mashable’s Christine Erickson has the perfect way to spark a East Coast/West Coast debate without having a clue who Joe Flacco is: A pop culture showdown.

Let the feathers fly! (And that’s only partially a rip on the Ravens.)

Full House vs. The Wire

Take your pick: Sunny Bob Saget-dwelling San Francisco, where family issues become American comedy entertainment? Or Baltimore, where illegal drug trades and harsh realities are so amazingly intense, you’ll be left on pins and needles?

“San Francisco” by Scott McKenzie vs “Raining in Baltimore” by Counting Crows

Don’t let the weather sway your vote. Though Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz might tug on your heartstrings with this Baltimore ballad, the song is a worthy contender against Mckenzie’s more carefree description of San Francisco.

Hairspray vs. Sister Act

In one corner, we have Whoopi Goldberg as a fake nun in a San Francisco convent. In the other, we have a “pleasantly plump” Ricki Lake singing about Baltimore on top of a dump truck. Both turned into Broadway musicals, sequels and remakes. Who wins?

Full story at Mashable.

Isn’t football over already?

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