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Savoring summer with slo-mo [video]


No one enjoys summer quite like a kid, but most of us only hold those days in a corner of our memories rather than being able to get them on the record with $300,000 worth of photography equipment.

Luckily, Brad Kremer found himself with a gold mine of technology, a neighborhood full of kids and an appreciation of the fact that no one does summer better than the very young.

As summer comes to an end and Autumn begins, kids go back to school and dream of warm days filled with laughter and joy. This short film is a reflection of that dream. Shot with a Phantom Flex it captures the magic of the moment. With frame rates of up to 2564 fps at 1080p we see every detail, every smile and every sparkle in the kids eyes. And that is where the magic lies. Within the hopes and dreams of our children.


Full story at Vimeo via PetaPixel.

Long live childhood.

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