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Science confirms sex is good for you


Skip the gym, supplements, and protein shakes and instead do a body good by knocking boots with your favorite booty call. That’s right, sex fiends, a roll in the hay can provide some serious health benefits and, let’s face it, a little bam chicka wa waa time is far more exciting that 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Sexologists Dr. David McKenzie and Sue McGarvie offer five reasons to get frisky for your health:

  1. Less boogers, ha choos, and hacking coughs. Researchers at Wilkes University found that sex releases an antibody that provides protection against colds and infections.
  2. Look more radiant. Want to look like one of those dewy-skinned women in face cream commercials? Enjoy a bedroom romp to achieve the perfect glow. Prostaglandins in semen helps reduce wrinkles and delay skin aging.
  3. Adios to body pains! The flood of endorphins and corticosteroids that accompanies a wow whoopee session lowers your pain threshold and can help alleviate PMS cramps, headaches, and overall body pain.
  4. Fend off osteoporosis. Boinking gives your bones a boost because orgasms release testosterone, which studies have linked to increased bone strength.
  5. Blissful Zzzzzzzs. The surge of oxytocin that follows that “oh wow” big O moment promotes relaxed sleep. Plus, sex is cheaper than a fancy mattress.

Full story at MSN.

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