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Science to the rescue! Heroes of Science action figures


They may not leap buildings in a single bound, but they have saved us from the darkness of ignorance again and again, they are…the Heroes of Science!

DeviantART user Datazoid painstakingly created this cool poster using Star Trek figures and Photoshop to honor the great minds of the 20th century, but if you’re wondering where all the other great women scientists are, he does address this in the post:

Why is there only one woman?

This is clearly a subject of some controversy. There are a bunch of reasons/excuses, not the least of which is that I honestly didn’t think too hard about it, because I was flat-out manufacturing images of little scientists with no logical pattern to how I chose them. However:

1. Because Madame Curie was extremely difficult, and I’m not at all satisfied with the end result, so I wasn’t confident attempting another.

2. I’ll admit, once I had the man-in-a-suit template down, I was fairly eager to keep using it.

3. Because, statistically, they’re in the minority. I’m not suggesting by any degree that their work is lesser, or that they shouldn’t be recognised for their accomplishments, but when you punch up a list of “most recognisable scientists”, “most famous scientists”, etc, which is basically how I chose most of these (with the exception of a few personal favourites), there just aren’t many women. Just to point out: I only have one African-American scientist, one Indian scientist, one Hungarian mathematician. For the record, Mae Jemison was on my list, as was Florence Nightingale and Valentina Tereshkova. I have a LONG list. If I make a second one of these, you can count on them being there. Unfortunately for this collection, there are only so many hours I can spend drawing little people.

Hey, we do appreciate the shout-out, so now the question is, can we get something like this into production?

Full story at DeviantART via Geeks are Sexy.

Science greats.

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  • Griffin May

    I’d Love to see a Darwin or a Lister or even maybe a Hippocrates. I love the old Naturalists and the pioneering Surgeons. More of a Shoot-from-the-Hip approach to scientific discovery. What about a Royal Society series? All the former Presidents and Notable Members. And as to the issue of women in science, take Joseph Lister as an example: history has only taken note of the accomplishments of Joseph Lister, but his most famous work was done in cooperation with his wife Agnes. Interestingly, Dr. Lister retired upon the death of Agnes, leaving us to wonder who the real scientist was.

  • Griffin May

    Pioneers of Science Fiction: Wells, Burroughs, Stapledon, Lewis, Clarke, the list goes on. Fertile ground, that. I actually might write a story about a fictional team-up of C.S. Lewis and Arthur C. Clarke: The Voyage of Lewis & Clarke!