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Selling tips for the non-salesperson

Not all of us are born with a gift for sales, so Entrepreneur’s Jeff Shore brings us the wisdom of author and unlikely master salesman Garrett Buhl Robinson, boiled down to five basic tips.

Shore and his wife noticed Robinson engaging random park-goers in New York City in conversation, an impressive accomplishment in and of itself.

Buhl isn’t your typical salesman in the least, but after successfully selling three self-published books, he definitely has a few secrets up his sleeve we can all learn from.

1. Initiate contact. Robinson positions himself at the intersection of two busy walking paths where he will most certainly encounter passers-by enjoying the afternoon. He greets anyone (and I mean anyone!) who makes eye contact with a pleasant and upbeat, “Hi there — how’s your day going?” Simple, authentic and effective.

Simple sales lesson: Talk to everyone in a positive and upbeat approach.

2. Discovery. When people stop — most do not — Robinson asks a simple question to engage them in the topic at hand. “Do you like to read?” (The answer is always “yes.”) Then he follows up with, “Do you prefer fiction or poetry?” At that point he simply picks up the book that fits the customer’s preference.

Simple sales lesson: Identify two or three quick qualifying questions that will help you solidify the interest of your customer.

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How to make the sale.

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