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She-Geeks: Women and girls in STEM [infographic]


STEM fields are hot with workers always in demand due to a short supply of qualified applicants, so they’re the perfect place for tech-savvy females ready to challenge the status quo.

Of course, what field couldn’t use a little more girl power?

Via TechSchool.com.

Like infographics? So do we.

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  • I love this Infographic. I am not sorry I did not become an architect several decades ago. I love social media. I can build things and influence the world much quicker, easier and don’t have to worry if they will fall down.

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  • Pamela McCauley Bush

    Great info graphic. We also need to focus on KEEPING women in STEM! See what IPEX is doing in New Zealand . . . do you agree with this approach? http://bit.ly/XqfizK

  • Hancock library

    We Need To Keep encouraging young ladies to get into stem jobs.