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Shocking facts about workplace cruelty, and how you can help stop it


This is going to blow your mind:

The statistics on physical violence in today’s workplaces may surprise you. “Homicide is the leading cause of death for women in the workplace,” the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports. OSHA says that many cases of workplace violence go unreported, but that “nearly 2 million American workers report having been victims of workplace violence each year.” While some large companies have screening to keep weapons out of the workplace, many businesses are completely vulnerable to mass or pointed attacks.

And this is in 21st century America. And when you expand the parameters, things get even worse. Consider office bullying, for example.

While managers are familiar with the idea of bullying, the concept of “mobbing,” a term coined by [Maureen Duffy, co-author of the book Mobbing] and her co-author Len Sperry, is less understood. “Workplace mobbing,” Duffy says, is “nonsexual harassment of a coworker by a group.” The purpose is to remove the individual from a particular unit or from the larger organization, which may occur through termination, medical leave, or quitting. Whether or not the group is successful in removing the individual, “this typically protracted traumatizing experience” often results in humiliation and degradation “with significant financial, career, health, and psychosocial losses,” Duffy says.

Although it’s not often discussed, workplace mobbing is common. You’ve probably witnessed or experienced some of the common attributes of mobbing yourself: excessive criticism, personal attacks, or devaluing; the spreading of false information that doesn’t get corrected; isolation or removal from communication loops.

Have you experienced “mobbing”? Or seen it happen?

Via CNN Money.

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  • wow! Shocking!

    This has to change. Awareness is a good start I guess.