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Skeptism about man in 23-year coma

Rom Houben, the Belgian man who has been in a coma for twenty-three years but is now communicating, is back in the news. The account of his ordeal was possible because of a technique called “facilitated communication.” This involves an assistant guiding his hand on a flat keyboard.

This is what James Randi, the famous skeptic, had to say:

“You see this woman who’s not only holding his hand, but what she’s doing is directing his fingers and looking directly at the keyboard. She’s pressing down on the keyboard, pressing messages for him. He has nothing to do with it.”

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  • rossob

    This can be easily proven, simply ask him something the translator can’t possibly know about him and verify the accuracy with mother etc, or ask him to repeat his previous answer to a question word for word with a new translator that wasn’t present while he first answered. Couldn’t be simpler.

    The people who have translated his thoughts are not idiots however — this will already have been done and the veracity proven beyond doubt by the doctors before this ever hit the media. Sometimes the internet is not as smart as it thinks, if you ask me.