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Skype existed in 1964, and it was awful and expensive

Well, okay, it wasn’t called “Skype,” but the basic concept was the same.  Except worse, because you had to be in a specific location.  And picture and sound quality were both worse.  Also it was really expensive.  Fifty years of innovation can really improve something.

The New York Times gives us a blast form the past with Bell Telephone’s Picturephone, presented at the 1964 World’s Fair.  Both users had to be in a specific booth to use the service, and the price of a three-minute call was $16, or $121 in our money.  As the rest of the article notes, advances in technology are really good at driving costs down and quality up.

Full story at New York Times.

1964 had a version of the internet, too.  It was called “books.”

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