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The small dog that ate the whole Christmas turkey

Think you feel bloated after a holiday meal?

Bubba, a chihuahua-lhasa apso mix feels your pain and then some, because this little stinker polished off his family’s whole turkey, a fact realized by his owner when the dog fell over and couldn’t move.

Yes, topping her New Years’ resolution list is losing weight, once she can get up again.

Full story at Bored Panda via Neatorama.

Dog or pig?

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  • Sj

    Too bad Turkey is toxic to dogs to eat.

  • Paula Bonifas

    Turkey is Not Toxic for your dogs — check your facts. Really. It’s not.

  • Jean

    Turkey isn’t toxic. The bones can kill them.
    Either way, still very irresponsible.

  • Turkey is perfectly fine for dogs….lol at least this doggy enjoyed it immensely.

  • Linda

    how much did the turkey weigh and did it eat the bones??????

  • JoAnn

    The skin and the fat can overpower her system’s ability to process it all. She’s looking at the possibility of a fatal bout of pancreatitis. Let her vet monitor her closely.

  • janks

    the dog can die from being too full.

  • Abby

    I think this dog has been fat for a long time, the fact that she ate a whole turkey is just a bonus for her. Her owner seems
    very irresponsible letting her get so huge.

  • steve

    That much turkey is probably toxic to any life form short of godzilla

  • Jennifer Gottfried

    How did such a small dog reach the turkey anyway? Too bad the owner doesn’t know that a dog can actually quite easily eat itself to death. Their stomachs only stretch so far before they can rupture, and the havoc that the turkey itself will wreak on the dog’s system and hormones could easily be fatal for such a small dog. Not smart for the owner to prefer to post photos of her poor dog on the Internet hoping to go “viral” and entertain guests for Thanksgiving instead of rushing their suffering pooch to the emergency vet to have its stomach pumped. If the dog dies, hopefully she will be cited for animal cruelty for failing to act to protect her poor dog. Maybe she will be smart and read some of these comments and learn not to do that next time.

  • Clarified story here: (It was just a turkey breast left on a low lying table tier)

  • Kayla

    How did the owner not notice the dog was eating the turkey? and how did the dog reach the turkey to begin with? they just left it sitting out for a long time, long enough for him to eat the whole thing, poor dog! what irresponsible owners I hope the dog was ok and didnt get a scolding for doing what dogs do, owners need to be scolded for not being more careful, I hope they dont have children..

  • Jai

    Stupid mutt….

  • lainey Wargin

    Dangerous thing to allow a dog to do……nit funny at all.

  • I had a dog once who ignored everything on the table except the full pan of chocolate brownies. He ate the whole thing. Nothing happened to him, he was fine, didn’t even get sick. AND chocolate is toxic to dogs. I guess he was just plain lucky.

  • Jon

    The dog ate a whole Turkey (Whew-hoo!!!) and within 48hrs he’ll poo (Double Whew-hoo!!!) – he would’ve most likely bite anyone trying to relieve him of either satisfaction. It appears the dog was fat before it ate the turkey, but no one said anything because fat is beautiful and fat-shaming is borderline illegal. Hmmm is the “fat is beautiful” and “fat-shaming” tags only applies to human?

  • Ruby

    I had a 6 weeks old Boxer Puppy that ate a whole pound of chocolate candy and didn’t get sick. We left the puppy
    in a baby sized play pen. She climbed out while we were out of the house for a while. Who would have thought a puppy could do that? This dogs parents may have taken a lot of precautions, but things happen. Get well puppy. Maybe next time you won’t eat so much. God bless

  • Let the pug sit there for 3 days and it’ll be fine. Then, it will lay tootsie rolls all over the house and things will return to normal

  • SJ

    Doesn’t anyone just read a story WITHOUT being judgy, opinionated, or being a know-it-all? Sheesh! Lighten up people…..

  • Helen Bedd

    Wow…lots of well meaning but ill informed people. A horse can and will drink water until it dies, or founders. Rabbits can and will die from eating certain vegetables producing gas because they can not flatulate. A dod can NOT eat itself to death unless there are SEVERE pre existing conditions. A dog can regurgitate with the best of em. Anyway, this dog ate only a boneless turkey breast and was obviously already overweight. Think before you comment folks. If you’re unable to think, withhold comment.

  • Arlene

    My German Shepherd did the sane thing to us several Thanksgivings ago, the ENTIRE bird bones and all. We ended up hhaving to eat tuna fish sandwiches for Thanksgiving. LOL

  • lance parker

    My in-laws had a Dachshund who would eat kitchen garbage,he loved chewing gum. We once came home to find he had opened a cabinet & had eaten a FIVE POUND BAG of FLOUR! He was Immobilized for THREE DAYS–looked just like BUBBA! He was OK, his stool was HUGE!

  • Looks just like one of my dogs, but by SHOTY takes meds, for a brain tumor. My do doing fine.

  • psyc

    poor b aby has a weight problem..fel so b ad for him

  • Rita Wolff

    Turkey is not harmful to dogs, but the skin is.

  • Very irresponsible owners and they should be investigated by SPCA
    This is not funny at all.
    The skin of turkey or poultry in general has a great amount of fat.
    Is it deadly, it can be, anything can be when taken in large amounts
    Turkey is not harmful to dogs
    BUT in large amounts it can cause issues besides bloat and torsion it can lead to pancreas issues which can lead to death.
    Bones of any bird which is hollow can cause choking. I have seen many dogs die from ripped open/damaged esophagus
    Bones of beef, pork, veal is also not good for dogs, as again the bones will fracture and the sharp edges will again cause damage to the esophagus which in most cases leads to a low death for the dog.
    Again food in moderation is generally OK, but over eating for pets can lead more to serious costs at the vets and sadly more than often leads to the death of the pet.

  • Look good. Tôi đã cố gắng làm thử một vài lần nhưng đều thất bại. Nó không đẹp như bạn đã làm.