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Smell like a real man with ManHands


If the bachelor pad is tired of smelling like Dial, it’s time to mix things up and bring the mark of your clean, manly self wherever you go with a unique scent from ManHands.

ManHands doesn’t only smell like the clean the soap industry has determined is ideal, but offers a wide variety of smells your verging-on-too-hairy nostrils enjoy most, such as Bacon, Margarita, Democrat and Republican, Fresh-Cut Grass (and speaking of grass, Cannabis), Cash, Bonfire and so much more.

Though we never recommend using “Smell my hands” as a pick-up line, with ManHands, an accidental whiff is more likely to garner a grin than a gag, so lather up!

Full story at Gadgets and Gear via Laughing Squid.

Manly oddities.

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